Selected Publications

These are some of the places that have accepted my humor writing!

Performance Review From Hell, Widget
Furies, welcome to your performance review. Today, I am not just your boss, Hades, Lord of the Underworld. I am also your prosecution, defence, judge, and jury.
Real Ghosts Don’t Ghost, Slackjaw
I won’t resurface months later to ask you if you’re DTF, though I might ask you if you’re DTFMB (Down To Find My Body).
Please Send Me The Latest On The Earth Takeover Proposal, illustrated by Caroline Juang. The Belladonna
Hope you weren’t disintegrated and that’s why you’re not getting back to me!
Let’s Pay People Literal Peanuts, Points In Case
It’s critical that our employees are able to think outside of the box, accept a payment that comes from inside a box, while also living in a box under a bridge.


Other places where I write!

Personal Blog
Rarely updated.
Book Blog
Even less frequently updated and full of spoilers.