Hello, I'm Yuqi. I'm a writer and product manager based in Maryland. Currently, I work remotely at $GS (NYC). I write humor and fiction.

Latest Publications

Slackjaw, Real Ghosts Don’t Ghost (2020)
I won’t resurface months later to ask you if you’re DTF, though I might ask you if you’re DTFMB (Down To Find My Body).
The Belladonna, Please Send Me The Latest On The Earth Takeover Proposal (2020)
Hope you weren’t disintegrated and that’s why you’re not getting back to me!

Past Projects

Flip Exchange (Spring 2016)
Equal contributor to a 6-person group project for MIT 6.073/CMS.611 Creating Video Games class. Created a 2D platformer game using Unity game engine.
Harvard Advocate Website (January 2015 - May 2016)
Rebuilt The Harvard Advocate website using Django framework, Bootstrap and Stripe API for payment processing. Team of 5-7.